Filmed in one of the most unique natural landscapes in the world, Gardens of Bone explores the alien sandstone formations of Utah's eastern deserts outside of Dinosaur Natl. Monument.  Evocative of dinosaur bones, many of the stone shapes are so unlikely that you have to see it to truly believe it.  TJ Sheridan writes an original soundtrack to match the hauntingly beautiful visuals.

Three mountain bikers hit the dusty slopes of Utah's desert terrain to explore rocky trails, jump road gaps, and risk life-and-limb for the thrill of a steep incline.  We captured it all from a unique aerial perspective that lends  a fresh view and new appreciation for the art of freeride biking.

Enjoy a tranquil flight through some of the most spectacular terrain on Earth: the red rock canyons and magnificent towers of Castle Valley, Utah.  The famous Fisher Towers are sentinels of stone hundreds of feet high that form an alien landscape. We take you up to the crests  of those towers at sunrise & sunset for a unique birds eye view.

Driving across Utah's farm country can be like taking a step back in time.  A young cowboy driving a herd of cattle, a young girl on an evening motorcycle ride, a herd of longhorn steers, a mountain hiker out scouting for animals, and a mountain goat were filmed in this one-day snapshot of classic Americana.

Spectacular Bridal Veil Falls are especially beautiful in winter, when the massive cliffs of Provo Canyon freeze with ice flows.  Filmed during the last winter snow flurry of the season, this video  demonstrates graceful flight up the river, through billowing pine trees, and straight to the top of several scenic waterfalls.

Towering  Buttes and Mesas dot the barren landscapes along the San Rafael Swell of the Western United States.  Among the most fascinating structures are Factory Butte, an isolated fin of sandstone, and Temple Mount, an old Uranium Mine.

Fly along with us as we explore the Green River, meandering through the red rock terrain of Southern Utah near Moab.  Lily-Pads made of Ice float down river in this cool extravaganza of desert colors.  Blades of Stone create a keyhole just wide enough to take the camera through, and an old train parked in the desert next to the Potash Ponds make this film unique.

The Rocky Mountains are most beautiful in the winter, when the contrast of green pines, golden cliffs, and snow capped peaks create a splendid view from the ground, or air.  Mount Timpanogos, Lone Peak, and Cascade Mountain are some of the most beautiful peaks of the Wasatch Range.

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